Thursday, April 1, 2010

Product Review: Physican's Formula Bamboo Bronzer in Light

I decided to get this bronzer after seeing it almost every April magazine (Earth day is in April so everyone had eco spreads). I got this in Light, which you can tell in the pic above is quite light. Well, even being *super* pale, this is still too light for me. I sat in front of the mirror in broad daylight & applied to one side of my face & even at close inspection couldn't tell I had anything on.
I plan on experimenting with this a little more before putting it in the giveaway pile. Its an odd feeling to have something be too light for me.

Here is a pic comparing it to my HG bronzer Rimmel Natural in Sun Light (the lightest shade & matte).

Overall the texture is nice & if you truly are a ghost this might be perfect for you. I'm considering trying the Medium shade but since I don't really need it... IDK.

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