Friday, April 2, 2010

Magazine Review: Cosmo April 2010 - Lady Gaga

When I saw this issue in store, my first thought was "How appropriate. Lady Gaga is perfect for Cosmo."
Now overall, I only read Cosmo for the beauty/fashion sections. They have some wearable & affordable fashions and more beauty articles than many other comparable women's magazines.
In this issue, nothing in fashion really stood out to me but there are several interesting beauty tips/ideas. The first was How to Create Captivating Cleavage, which tells you where to apply bronzer & highlighter to make your breasts appear fuller. There was also an article about using colored eyeliner and they had a few fresh new looks to try. The last was a hair article about how to recreate 11 popular celeb looks. I haven't tried any of the looks yet but the instructions appeared fairly simple.
As far as the rest of the issue, same old sex, guys, blah, blah, etc topics. Two standouts: One was weight-free arm-sculpting and the other were 3 pasta recipes from Giada.

Total pages: 240
Pages Dog-earred: 5

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