Saturday, April 3, 2010

Magazine Review: Elle April 2010 - Taylor Swift

Wasn't thrilled about seeing Taylor Swift on the cover, I still think of her as being 15. But the photoshoot of her was interesting. They straightened her hair, gave her bangs & she was completely unrecognizable. Probably why they didn't put a straight hair photo of her on the cover. Curly-to-straight or the other way around doesn't usually change a person's appearance *that* much.
On to the fashion. I found out that Eugenia Kim is making hats for Target (which will be out April 18th). I've never been able to pull off the hat look (I blame it on my glasses) but I am a bit tempted by these straw fedoras, etc. They had a great spring accessory spread. Lots of gorgeous pieces. Style A to Zee can be a hot or miss for me. This month it was a miss. He had Today Show ladies Kathy Lee & Hoda modeling different looks that are good for being on-air. But every look he said he liked, he said didn't work on-air. So it felt a little pointless.
For beauty, they had the 2010 Genius Awards. I didn't really pick up any good tips but they beauty photography had some nice makeup looks. They also did a review of all the buzzing beauty products (mascara, foundation, etc). It didn't interest me much but I think most got positive reviews.
Found several interesting sections in the Intelligence section (entertainment). One was the page article inspired by the new book Classy by Derek Blasberg (Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady). Think I'll have to get on the library wait-list for it. Another thing of interest was the mention of the new Demi Moore movie The Joneses, about a "family" that is paid to have a lifestyle that will be the envy of their neighbors, thus encouraging their neighbors to buy what they have. I definiately plan on watching that. Onto another book mention, the article was about Rachel Cusk's new book The Bradshaw Variations, but the article talked more about her previous book A Life's Work: On Becoming a Mother. The article says that it's a cult book among mothers. I just got it from the library & plan to start reading it soon. (I will post a review when I finish. )

Total pages: 312
Pages Dog-earred: 5

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