Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magazine Review: Self May 2010 - Zoe Saldana

Just realized that my subscription ran out back in March & I haven't been reviewing this. Guess that's what happens when you get so many magazines. lol
This is a very good issue. Lets tackle each section:
Beauty - This has the 2010 Healthy Beauty Awards. The are much more in-depth than most beauty awards, getting into skin-type, hair-type, etc for every category. There is also an article about make-at-home beauty fixes/recipes. And of course the requisite suncare article, this one even includes diet adjustments to make to protect yourself from the inside-out.
Fashion - They have 2 pages of swimsuits, categorized by trend w/note on body-type, price, where to buy, if you can mix & match and if available by cup size. In the article about Zoe Saldana, she models several very cute floral dresses.
Workouts - This is month 3 of the Self Challenge, which comes w/the normal workout tips, pull-out cards, weekly diet, etc. They also have a workout designed to target cellulite, including diet changes to makes & superficial fixes.
Food - short mentions on chip alternatives & flavor boosters to try (sriracha, flavored balsamic vinegar, etc).
Articles - Secrets of Women at Their Sexual Peak & Self's Get Happier Guide (which also mentions therapy, etc).

NOTE: In this issue I also heard about Discovery Health's Psych Week starting May 2nd.

Very good issue. I would recommend buying it

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