Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Magazine Review: Women's Health May 2010 - Jillian MIchaels

This is one of my favorite magazines but it felt a little lacking this month. Still worth getting but not as great as usual.
Fitness - They have a martial-art style workout, the 15 Minute Workout is for flat abs w/no crunches, how to create your own "bootcamp" workout and How to Look Better Naked (stole the idea from Allure this month?) which includes workout "rules" & tear out exercises. They also had slimdown success stories complete w/tips from each of the women featured.
Food - they had 2 pages of common spices & their tastes, benefits & how to use them. Vegetables, fresh vs frozen, fast homemade appetizers, gourmet-looking sandwiches, simple 3 ingredient desserts.
Articles - Can You Really Be Healthy at Any Size? and How to do One Thing at a Time (how multi-tasking isn't really doing us any favors)

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