Friday, April 16, 2010

Magazine Review: Cosmo May 2010 - Heidi Klum

Not quite sure why Heidi Klum is on so many magazine covers recently. Doesn't seem like she's promoting anything in particular.
Not much by way of fashion in this issue. They do have a swimsuit section with suits by price range (even under $25 options).
For beauty, their Beauty Cheat Sheet is on Giving Roots a Mega Boost (blow-drying techniques), hairstyles that draw attention to your best features (eyes, cleavage, etc), The Power of Red Lips, which has a few options in each tone category (like orange-red, pink-red, etc). One odd article seemed to be anti-freckle. As someone with lots of freckles I thought they were accepted now but apparently there are lots of people looking for ways to cover them up.
And in typical Cosmo fashion, they have bikini line stencils. lol
Overall, nothing really stood out about the issue. Unless one of the things I mentioned above really interests you, I'd skip it.

NOTE: On Sunday the 18th, Hilary Duff will be starring in a ABC Family Original Movie called Beauty & the Briefcase, which I believe is inspired by or based on. working in the Cosmo offices.

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