Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Magazine Review: Marie Claire May 2010 - Jessica Simpson

This issue has been talked about a bit because they are claiming Jessica is makeup-free. One reason I have trouble believing that is the lack of under-eye darkness. Are there actually people who don't need concealer?
As far as the fashion in the issue, there aren't tons of great articles but a few interesting pages here & there. The Fashion Resume is on Carey Mulligan. I had a feeling she was going to get attention from the fashion world since she tends to wear more unique clothes/outfits. The Designer Dossier is on Philip Lim. They had a page of street style and since that's so popular in other mags & blogs I'm wondering if it will be a new monthly feature. They did have quite a few cute swimsuits in the issue but since I have zero intention of getting into one anytime soon it doesn't help me much. lol. They have a *gorgeous* Vanessa Paradis/Chanel photo shoot. Great clothes, very artistic.
The seemed to be The Hair Issue. They had tool and product recs for each hair type (fine, medium/thick, curly, coarse, damaged), how to wear hair accessories and how to choose a haircolor to suit your complexion. In the Big Girl, Skinny World column she talks about slimming hair and makeup. One thing I noticed was not much emphases on contouring, which in my opinion, makes a *huge* difference.
The only article that stood out was an interview with Jillian Lauren who is promoting her new book Some Girls: My Life in a Harem.
Overall, its worth picking up but its not a must-buy this month.

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