Saturday, April 10, 2010

Magazine Review: Glamour May 2010 - Lauren Conrad

The 1st time I read through this issue I didn't make any notes & the only page I dog-earred was about a DIY ribbon flower belt. Nothing really stood out. So I read it through again and this time was able to make a few notes. For one, this seems to be the "friendship" issue. Doesn't say so on the cover but it was a reoccurring theme. They had some short blubs on Betty White & Queen Latifah. As far as the 2 cover stories on fitness & diet, A Flatter Belly in Days, Not Weeks and The Lazy Girl's Guide to Healthier Eating, neither was what I was expecting. The Flatter Belly article didn't have any exercises, just tips like "drink more water", "cut back on artificial sweetners" and "stand up straight". The Healthy Eating article was just summarizing what appeared to be a reader survey about what they normally buy at the store. Things like Yoplait yogurt, Quaker Instant Oatmeal & Edy's Slow-Churned Ice Cream. Nothing new or ground-breaking. I've seen this kind of article done much better in other magazines. As far as beauty & fashion go, the photo shoots were pretty but no new tips or great pieces featured.
Overall, it was fine. A short distraction w/pretty pictures but nothing more than filler fluff. Nothing new or really worth referrencing later.
Total pages: 260
Pages dog-earred: 1

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