Thursday, April 1, 2010

Product Review: Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer

I tried a lot of gradual tanners when they first came out. I stopped using them mainly because they were smelly plus I could never seem to get an even application. Plus I'm mainly around very dark-skinned people so even if I get a slight glow, I'll still be the whitest person around. lol. But since I want to be able to wear more skirts & dresses this year without having to spend 20 minutes mixing foundation, lotion, bronzer etc to put on my legs to make them safe to uncover, I decided to try the gradual tanners again. When I last used them I preferred Dove Energy Glow but since they didn't have any at the Walmart near me, I got this instead. I chose the Light/Medium one since I am super pale & wanted less of a chance of streaks, etc.

When I applied I didn't notice the self-tanner smell (but don't worry, it comes out later. Fairly light but still recognizable). I applied to everywhere except my arms & face (since those 2 things were already a bit darker than the rest of me). Just one application gave me a nice glow & evened me out (wish I would've been using this on my neck & chest, would've saved me a lot on bronzer).
Two things I had forgotten about self-tanning. Put lotion on knees, ankles & elbows before applying (yes, even the gradual ones) & if you're just going to be lounging around the house or sleeping, wear pants. I have a tendency to cross my legs or put a hand between my knees while lying on my side, both of which can mess up the self-tanner.
Overall, I'm not thrilled but its ok. Think I will try a few others, including my old HG, Dove Energy Glow.

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