Friday, April 9, 2010

Books: Twenties Girls, Chasing Harry Winston

Finally, a good chick lit book!!! This novel is about a girl who's life is essentially falling apart. Her business partner had walked out on her and her boyfriend just dumped her (and accused her of stalking him). Her parents make her go to her great-aunt Sadie's funeral, a woman that she's never met and someone her parents didn't know well either. While at the funeral Lara sees her great-aunt's ghost, going on & on about her missing necklace. This is where the fun starts. Sadie nags Lara into doing a bunch of gasp-worthy things and while the ghost is an annoying burden in the beginning, Lara comes to have life much enriched by Sadie's attitude & antics. This is a mystery & there is a great twist. There is a happy, but not necessarily chick-lit-typical ending. Overall, a *great* book. I read the whole book (all 435 pages) in one day. I just couldn't put it down.

This was such a disappointment, not just in story but in editing as well. I only made it about halfway through. We have the typical chick lit characters, Emmy, the recently dumped serial monogamist, Leigh, who appears to have it all but is secretly unhappy and Adriana, the shallow beauty who is unable to handle not being the center of attention. But the worst part of the book, the part that made my throw it down is disgust, was something that should never have made it into the final printed edition. A little less than halfway through, the girls are on vacation together, meeting guys, etc. And then, in the middle of the damn chapter, Leigh is back at work waiting for client. Without warning the vacation was over & life was back to normal. I actually paged back and forth a bit to see if the pages had gotten mixed up but no. Complete and total subject change in the middle of a chapter, something that you would've gotten in trouble for doing in a grade school English paper. After that, I didn't even want to read any farther.

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