Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Books: Cocktails for Three, A Life's Work

This book is... fine. It didn't thrill me, but I didn't give up on it either. Maggie, Roxanne and Candice are three successful women in their early 30s working for the Londoner, a popular magazine in the UK. This book did inspire some emotional reactions from me, mainly annoyance towards Candice for being so naive and trusting, and sympathy for Maggie, a new mother having a rough time but afraid to admit it and be seen as a failure. But the story didn't feel new at all and it definitely wasn't something I was unable to put down. It was just ok.

This book is more honest than most, which I personally think is a good thing. A lot of mothers hide their true feelings and experiences because its not socially acceptable to admit to missing your old life or to say that you aren't sure how to correctly care for your child. Cusk calls out the people imposing the crazy restrictions on pregnant women and the breast-feeding nazis who do nothing but make you feel like a failure. This is a good book but only if you are already a mother & your child is a few years old. I am a mother but my baby was quite good (didn't wake up constantly for feedings, slept through the night early on, no colic) so my experiences differed a bit from the authors. About halfway through I started to doubt my desire to have a second child, in case I wouldn't be so lucky to have another good baby, and since I'm 8 month pregnant, its not exactly a great feeling to be having. I stopped reading it but will probably pick it up again after this baby is out & at least a few months old.

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