Monday, April 19, 2010

Magazine Review: Allure May 2010 - Catherine Zeta-Jones

I made more notes on this issue than I have for any other magazine since I started doing reviews. Which is a very good thing.
In the Beauty Reporter sections they had a (positive) review of the Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Foam shampoo, promoting the trends of white eyeliner, teal eyeshadow & liner, highlighter & taupe nails (taupe nails have been talked about for months now. Have a feeling they'll be around for awhile). The Beauty 101 was on Shiny Hair, nothing ground-breaking. They had 2 pages on Shear Genius Brig's win (I was NOT happy about that).
As for their longer articles, there was the spring/summer mandatory sunscreen article but at least this one was a little more interesting, talking about SPF 30 vs SPF 100, how to layer w/other products & application spots commonly overlooked. They had the top 5 trends for fall in Backstage Beauty, but none felt very new or exciting. Shock Value is a pictorial about bright lipcolors, created a few lemmings for me but the photography could've been better. They also had an article about hot rollers & different ways to use them, which I will note is something that I don't think I've read in any magazine before (that I remember at least).
This is the annual "naked" issue. TBH, the nakedness is over-hyped. Too much strategic posing, most of the time covering more than a bikini. Emmanuelle Chriqui is the only one who really seemed naked (& she looked great). Oh course this was accompanied by 22 Ways to Look Better Naked which didn't have any new or interesting tips.
As far as articles, the only standout was Beauty Behind Bars. There was also a mention of Molly Ringwald's new bio, Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family & Finding the Perfect Lipstick.
One thing I also noticed about this issue was that not all of the reviews were positive. As an example, about half of the hot rollers mentioned in Heat Wave were dissed.

I know I had some negative opinions about this issue but I still think it's worth getting.

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