Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm quite low-key when it comes to skincare. I truly believe that less is more and, except for the extremely pale translucent factor, I have quite good skin. That might be genetic but not really sure since my mom tanned hardcore when younger & was quite abusive to her skin in general (exfoliating too much, too many products, etc) so her skin isn't all that great now. But anyway, here's what I do/use for my normal skin:

Morning: When I wake up I exfoliate with a wet washcloth (if needed), then I apply either my daily moisturizer (Dove Deep Moisture) or if I'm going to be leaving the house, sunscreen (Neutrogena Dry Touch). Then apply makeup, etc.

Evening: If I used sunscreen or heavy foundation all over (Revlon Colorstay) I will wash with either Cetaphil or DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. Otherwise I'll just rinse my face with water & apply more moisturizer if needed.

Weekly: Once a week I'll do an aspirin mask. I take 3 aspirin, get water on my fingertips & lightly wet the pills. Once they seem to be dissolving I add a bit of Cetaphil & mix. I only leave it on for about 5 mins. It's more of a scrub than a mask to be honest. Afterward I usually follow it with DHC Olive Virgin Oil or if I need to go somewhere, moisturizer & makeup.

-I use regular olive oil as an eye makeup remover/eye moisturizer.
-Every morning I drink hot water with lemon. Not exactly sure what it does but I know that when I don't drink it my skin doesn't look anywhere near as good.
- When I feel a blemish coming on, I wash with Burts Bees Acne Solutions Gel Cleanser. Usually just the cleanser is enough to ward off any potential blemish but if I need to I'll follow it with the Burts Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment.

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  1. The aspirin mask sounds very interesting !! I might have to give that a try. Ty for sharing ur skin care routine.