Saturday, May 22, 2010

Magazine Review: InStyle June 2010 - Salma Hayek

Not sure if other places had a delay getting magazines this month but for some reason I couldn't find InStyle, Elle or Women's Health until a day or 2 ago. Normally People StyleWatch & Allure are the only ones that come out this late. Hopefully this isn't going to be the new release schedule.
I'm sure most of you know how much I love InStyle. Well this issue didn't disappoint. Here are the standouts:
Fashion: Her 10 Best Ever! was on Jessica Alba, there were a few pages of Roberto Cavalli's most famous/best celeb looks, Denim A to Z (quite comprehensive, also a page of celebs wearing denim-on-denim).
Beauty: 10 Ways to Look Great in a Bikini (some new tips like most flattering way to sit, taping breasts, etc), Easy Summer Hair (3 styles including a loose fishtail braid). But my fave article was The Naked Truth, which talked about how much makeup stars are actually wearing when they do a nude/natural look.
Articles: There was a "sexy" theme, including The Sexy Dozen ( Ashley Greene, Emilie de Ravin, Ryan Kwanten, etc) and Sexy New You!, which includes new updates for classic sexy things (First thought: cleavage. Think again: back), sexy standbys (red wine, blindfolds)sexy signatures (Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark), sexy makeup (black liner, flushed cheeks), top chefs name sensual ingredients, etc

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  1. 10 ways to look great in a bikini sounds interesting i MUST pick this magazine up :) Ty for the review.