Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Note on Phases

I am a person with rotating obsessions. It cycles through hair, makeup, fashion, movies, tv, food, books, shoes, nailpolish, skincare, etc, etc. It usually starts with the ending of the last obsession. lol. Once I feel like I have everything I currently want in that category (like all the new spring nailpolish shades that would work on me), I drift along (usually not very long) until a new category of obsession reveals itself to me. Sometimes its out of need (like my current sunscreen phase), sometimes its because a new store opened nearby, sometimes its something I read in a magazine or maybe just cause I'm bored. I also love to research things (product reviews, etc) I think that drives my phases as well.
I plan to post whenever I realize I'm in the midst of a new phase & then update with what I got/found out.

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