Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obsession Phase: Sunscreen

This obsession came out of a need. The Target brand sunscreens I bought last year, while not past the bottle expiration date, had become an odd consistency. So I went out and bought my usual products, Aveeno Continuous Protection Baby (which I use on DD and myself and keep in my purse) & Neutrogena Dry Touch.

Now the Aveeno is still fine, although it has an icky scent to it that I'm really not loving but I'm still researching what else I can try. But the Neutrogena Dry Touch caused a horrible reaction on me. The day after I used it I had a few areas on my face that were red, dry, flaky & burned if I put any kind on product on them. Needless to say I stopped using the Dry Touch right away. (Although I am disappointed. I used the Neutrogena since it first came out, before it even got popular.) So now I've been doing a bunch of research to try to find replacements.
The first thing I noticed was that Neutrogena has really taken over the drugstore facial sunscreen market. Not only do they have a million versions of Dry Touch but tons of other options as well. I decided to try them again & this time got Neutrogena Sensitive Skin w/PureScreen, a physical sunblock.

The reviews weren't all that positive, mostly because reviewers said that it left a white cast on the skin. I'm super pale so I wasn't too worried about that. I did find out that it did leave a white cast but not enough to cause me any hassle. The problem was that it made my skin horribly dry for days after I used it. Not something I want to deal with. I will keep it for now, in case I have to be outside for extended periods of time but I needed to find something else for daily use.
I decided to look for a lower SPF factor since I'm not outside that much on a daily basis & if I find myself outside unexpectedly I could always use the sunscreen I keep in my bag. And since I prefer not to have tons of steps to my routine (and since I'm not in love with my current moisturizer Dove Deep Moisture) I decided to look for a good moisturizer with an SPF of 25-30. The three main contenders ended up being Aveeno Positively Radiant, Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion & Biore SkinPreservation Dual Fusion Moisturizer.

Now since I don't like the glowiness of my Dove Deep Moisture I wasn't too into the idea of the Aveeno. The other two looked good (the Eucerin is a physical block but apparently not very moisturzing), but the Biore had the best reviews. I just got it yesterday & plan to use it today. I will update with my review.

For my daughter I think I'll be checking out Blue Lizard or if I have trouble finding that, California Baby. But since my only issue with the Aveeno is the scent, I might just stick to that.

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