Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magazine Review: InStyle Hair Spring 2010 - Amanda Seyfried

I love special issues like this and since its put out by InStyle, you know that it's probably worth getting. Here are some of the things covered:
~Great how-to instructions for creating looks like the faux bob, pinup waves, etc
~Frizz fighters categorized by hair type, texture, weight, etc
~10 Way to Get Your Gloss On
~Rut busters like color streaks, extensions, adding jewelry, etc
~The Taming on the Do (best cuts, S&C & styling for straight, wavy, curly & coiled hair, also divided further by fine & thick in each category)
~Hue It Yourself (at-home tips for your base color -> lighter, darker or redder)
~Great Hair A to Z (DIY bang trim, face shape, hot rollers, sulfate-free, veruschka...)
~One Week, Seven Gorgeous Styles
~Many different ways to wear the bob
~How to grow out your hair w/style (w/celeb examples)
~America's most requested celeb cuts/styles

Get it & keep it for reference!

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  1. I went and got it this weekend, it's an awesome reference guide. Thanks for reviewing it!