Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Magazine Review: Glamour June 2010 - Models

This is quite a good issue as far as articles go but nothing good as far as beauty & only a few standouts for fashion.
The articles include one page each on cheating & on female movie directors. 4 Times Not to Go "Healthy" (about not choosing lite or fat-free options), Q&A about the health care reform, 2 pages of wedding tips/advice, Should You Date a Guy with Baggage?, How to Find Love in a World Full of Hookups, Sorry but What Ever Happened to Etiquette, etc.
The Fashion standouts were How to Dress Rich on a Real Girl Salary, Michael Kors Dos & Don't of Beach Season & a fashion photo spread with Ryan Kwanten (Jason from True Blood).
Worth getting for the articles & the few pages of fashion tips.

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