Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obsession Phase: Healthy Food

I recently got an increased food budget so I decided to use that to eat better. I usually eat pretty well (except for all the baking I like to do) but my main focus was always cost-cutting. And since I cook a lot from scratch (not too fancy or anything) I was able to do a lot with a very small budget. But now I have a little more spending money so I've been buying some of the popular but higher cost items I've heard so much about. Now this is a fairly new thing for me so I'm sure things will change a bit as time goes on.

Some of the foods I've tried so far:
Kashi GoLean Crunch!
Now I normally ate Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, Multi-Grian Cheerios or Grape Nuts Flakes for breakfast but I hated how I would be hungry again so soon. Now I read that the best cereals have less than 200 calories per serving, more than 3g of fiber & less than 8g of sugar. This one has 190 calories per (1 cup) serving, 8g of fiber and 13g of sugar. BUT it also has 9g of protein (which is a LOT for cereal). Also the 1 cup serving is somehow much more filling than most other cereals. I like to top this with fresh fruit (when I have it) or frozen blueberries (which I always try to have on hand).
Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss cheese
Now usually cheese is the 1st thing I omit when I'm trying to watch my weight. But I heard so many good things about this cheese that I had to try it. I will say, I am impressed. Very smooth & creamy & only 35 calories a serving. I like to spread it on....

Wasa Light Rye Crispbread
These kind of taste like a Triscuit. They are perfect for spreading cheese on since they are palm-sized (putting anything on tiny crackers gets on my nerves. lol). And 2 crackers are only 60 calories. They are very filling & great to pair with some fresh fruit as a snack.
Nature's Own Multi-Grain Sandwich Rounds
My BF turned me onto these. He doesn't like thick bread for sandwiches/burgers & I usually just skipped the bread completely & either turned the filling into salad toppings or ate the item as a lettuce wrap. But I really do like these. They have only 100 calories, 1 g fat and 5 g fiber each. Plus they taste really good.Jimmy Dean D-Lights Turkey Sausage Muffin breakfast sandwich
In general I don't think of my BF as someone who eats an overly healthy diet but I keep finding myself mentioning him while writing this entry. This is another thing that he turned me on to. A sandwich of turkey sausage, egg whites, and cheese on an english muffin. This is another thing we found at Sam's Club. MUCH, MUCH cheaper there. 12 for $11.50 rather than 4 for $5-6 (at Walmart). These taste really good, esp when you toast the muffin in the toaster. Also, only 260 calories.
Chobani Greek Yogurt
My BF always preferred Greek yogurt over regular but for me I didn't love how much honey I had to dump into it to make it yummy. Then one day at Sam's Club they were giving away samples of this, I tried it & loved it! All the benefits of Greek yogurt but none of the fussing with honey or other addictives. It is twice the price (at least) of regular yogurt but its worth it. We get the variety pack at Sam's so it comes to about $1/6 oz cup. It's also 140 calories with 14 g protein (twice the amount of regular yogurt).Hershey's Special Dark chocolate
I have a serious sweet tooth so I need to have my chocolate fix. Normally I get those $1 pack of mini chocolate bars (like Mounds, Snickers, Kit Kats, etc) but I've been trying to switch to dark chocolate since its healthier. I've also tried the Lindt 70% but I prefer the Hersheys. Although I do plan to try a lot of others before I settle on anything that I will repurchase.

Snyder's Sourdough Hard Pretzels
These aren't really a healthy food but I love them. Each pretzel is 100 calories so portion control is easy.

Dreyer's Fruit Bars
I've been eating these for awhile. I have some issues handling heat and since I live in the desert (not a wise move, I know) I often need to cool myself down. These are *perfect* for the job. I prefer to get the multi-pack of sugar-free ones with the flavors Raspberry, Orange & Strawberry. Only 25 calories each so I don't feel guilty eating several (if I feel the need).

Skinny Cow French Vanilla Truffle bars
Skinny Cow is another brand I've been hearing about for awhile but I avoiding purchasing because it was so pricey. Since the reviews of all of their products are so positive I wasn't sure what to try first so I just got these, mainly because they had the lowest calorie count (only 100 calories per bar). They are quite good, very creamy. I now want to try all of the other products they have. lol

Other snacks I tend to eat a lot are fresh fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, etc), hot-air popcorn (usually with butter, salt & a cheese powder stuff. lol. Portion control is key there), cottage cheese with fruit (usually pineapple but BF like mandarin oranges so sometimes I eat those with it), various rice cakes, carrots dipped in hummus, celery with peanut butter, etc.

I'm still wanting to try those mini Babybel cheeses, some kind of trail mix, etc. Please feel free to comment with the healthy foods you enjoy since I'm looking to try new things!

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