Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magazine Review: Allure June 2010 - Megan Fox

Most of the mentions about this issue have been about the Megan Fox interview. I'm not going to review that, instead talk about what really matters... makeup!! lol
This issue has the Reader's Choice Awards (which is in a pull-out section which I will probably lose in a week). It's all tried & true basics but I did make a few notes on product reviews to check.
The other Beauty related articles include Cutting Class (top hairstylists talk about beauty school), Summer Essentials (covers a wide range of beauty topics but I didn't find any new info), Fresh Hair (dry shampoo), Bronze Works (bronzer application tips, etc but IMO not enough product recs) & also The New Romantics, which is Dior's fall makeup look (deep berry lips, pink/burgundy/purple eyeshadow, etc) which has made me really look forward to fall. lol
In other topics, they also had a weight loss article, 50 Ways to Burn Calories. Tips included taking Vitamin D, drink more water, eat spicy food & more dairy.
Overall, it was so-so. Not horrible but not a must-get either

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