Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Magazine Review: Marie Claire June 2010 - the girls of SATC

My subscriber cover had SJP but I couldn't find a pic of that one online.
Other than the Sex and the City photo shoots & article, this issue was kind of boring. But here were the other highlights.
For Fashion, there was quite a bit of nice jewelry featured throughout the issue, a photo shoot/article with Karen Elson & the Big Girl in a Skinny World column was on dressing well in hot weather.
Beauty. To me, there was nothing at all in that category but that's because it was all about skincare, etc.
Articles. A few things worth mentioning. Short columns on the science of a good marriage, bridesmaidzillas, postnups & depression during pregnancy.
Unless you really love the women of SATC, I'd skip this issue.

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