Sunday, June 6, 2010

Magazine Review: Harper's Bazaar June/July 2010 - Katherine Heigl

What stood out most about this issue was all of the ladylike fall fashion. Things like cat-eye sunglasses, kitten heels & structured skin bags. Felt quite inspiring. Even the celebrity photoshoots had a very demure, ladylike feel. For other fashion articles, they had SUmming up the (fall) Season, the Runway Report (lots of camel/gray, the new bohemian, opulence, 90s minimalism, cozy chic, the great outdoors, etc) & Roberto Cavalli's Fashion Circus.
In Beauty, the only noteable thing was (Fall's) Best Beauty, Guide to the Season's Makeup, Hair & Skin. Looks included groomed brows, chic polish (greige - still!) & touseled locks.
For Articles, there was Gloria Allred's Fighting Spirit (lawyer who represents the women involved in the Tiger Woods, Jesse James scandals & an article on Bristol Palin (when I saw that I almost threw the magazine out right then. Bazaar does seem to like to feature controversial people - thinking of the Miley & Paris and Nicole covers).

Overall, quite inspiring if you want to think about fall already.

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