Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Day in the Life: Food

I need to start by saying that I absolutely cannot skip meals. I get shaky, dizzy, weak & mean if I don't eat something every few hours. So its only natural that I snack a lot. I've recently replaced my lunch with a snack so now I eat breakfast, 3 snacks & then dinner. I do not like to deprive myself & while I'm not at all picky, I will not eat anything I don't like. I do try to control portions whenever possible, including sectioning out large bags of things into smaller baggies so that I don't overeat. I am a bit addicted to sugar so I've worked it out so that I can have my sugar fix without going crazy.

7-8am: Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal. 1 cup measured out w/a handful of thawed blueberries. Hot water w/lemon.

10am, noon & 3pm: Various snacks. Here are some examples:
2 Wasa crackers spread w/1 Laughing Cow cheese, sometimes topped w/tomatoes
& lunchmeat (also scooped out bagel can sub for crackers)
Apple & slice of cheese
Baggie of Planters Nut Clusters
Celery w/ either PB or cream cheese
Carrots dipped in hummus
1 hard pretzel
3 cups air-popped popcorn (made w/a bit of butter, salt & cheese powder)
Rice cakes
Cottage cheese w/fruit
Greek yogurt

3-4pm: 1 cups of Nescafe Classico made w/1% milk & a piece of chocolate (usually 1 square of a good quality dark chocolate)

6pm: Dinner. Can be any number of different things & I'm not strict about portion control for this meal. Some examples:
Stromboli (recipe posted in blog)
Various salads
Steak, potatoes & a veggie
Chicken sandwiches & french fries
Tuna sandwich & french fries
Smoked salmon on french bread w/cream cheese, tomato & spinach
BLTs (with turkey bacon & spinach)
Pizza from Papa Murphy's (always thin crust, my favorite is the Chicken Bacon
Pasta (many different varieties, trying to switch to whole grain pasta)
Black Bean Soup
Etc... We don't eat a lot of prepared foods but I'm also not hardcore about making everything from scratch either. Some prepared fods we like are the Birds Eye frozen bag meals (Garlic Chicken) & various things from Trader Joes like the Butter Chicken & the Spinach Quiche (very high in calories but a super yummy occassional treat).

8pm: Dessert of some kind. Recently either a Dreyers Fruit Bar or Skinny Cow ice cream bar

NOTE: I usually only drink water w/lemon throughout the day, except for my daily coffee. On a very rare occassion I'll have a glass of homemade sweet tea. Rarely ever drink soda although if I get a craving I have no problem drinking one.

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