Friday, June 25, 2010

Magazine Review: Women's Health July/August 2010 - Ashley Greene

I can't wait until I can actually start working out again. I doubt I'll stick with it long since I tend to be lazy but at least I can try. lol
Let's start with the Workouts in this issue. They have a plyometric (jumping/quick movements) workout, Master That Move: Chin Up, the 15 Minute Workout: Get Hot Legs & Reshape Your Body in Record Time (requires resistance band, stability ball, dumbbells & body bar).
For Food, Giada has a few light summer dessert recipes & there are several summer cocktail recipes along w/10 Things You Can Do with a Tomato (stuffed, granita, etc).
In the Articles, they have a page on popular supplements & how to decide if you need to take it, Label Fables (serving size misconceptions), Dry Your Eyes, Guys!, Slow Down for Hotter Sex, Escape Any Sticky Situation (taken from book by Jane Buckingham), Survive Your Doctor (how busy doctors might overlook serious concerns since women in mid 20-30s aren't a high-risk group) & Is Fidelity Obsolete?
In Beauty & Fashion, they have a page on products to even your skintone, several twisted & braided hairstyles tot ry & fashion bloggers wearing white buttondown shirts their way.

Overall, I'm on the fence about this issue. None of the workouts stood out to me (I prefer to not have to buy a lot of equiptment & I'm in a 2nd floor apt so I can't really jump around while I workout) but I did like the Twisted Sisters hair article, Label Fables & Is Fidelity Obsolete?

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