Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magazine Review: Glamour July 2010 - Jessica Biel

Budget issues seem to be popular this month (Lucky did one as well). I do appreciate the effort since I love low-priced finds.
The Fashion topics covered in this issue are Florals for under $50, another fashion spread with everything under $50 (& beauty under $25) & dresses for under $100. They also had a summer fashion Dos & Don't pictorial.
The Beauty topics were very lacking. They had 8 Glam Ideas for Your Hair, but none of the ideas felt very new. And a lol - one of the beauty Q's was how to wear a smoky eye without looking like an alien, but the celeb examples of how to do the look in a non-alien way looked very alien.
They have an Miniskirt Workout that looked like slight variations on popular moves (like a squat but w/a heel lift, etc).
For Articles, the topics covered were 5 Lessons I Learned from the Wrong Guy, The Hardest Words for a Guy to Say & The New Sexxed Up Office.

Overall, the issue was very eh. So far so many summer issues have been very disappointing.

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