Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magazine Review: Allure July 2010 - Diane Kruger

Two thoughts: 1, this issue is really thin (only 120 pgs). 2, YAY finally someone *different* on a magazine cover. So many magazines just recycled the same old people. Gets boring.
I've really been wanting to see some great summer beauty ideas. Unfortunately I didn't get much from here either. They did have an article titled Summer of Sexy but the only makeup idea was to do a smoky eye with copper instead of black. Other topics were How to Flirt &, Hot Hair (loose waves), etc. Dick Page's column was about how to lighten up your makeup (formulas) for summer, switching to lip pencil & cream products, etc. Also an article titled Shiny, Happy People, about how to get that celeb body glow.
For other Articles there was Forbidden Fruits ( about developing a sense of style in a restricted religious environment), Super Ego (39 tips for projecting confidence) & Deadline Diet (diet & exercise tips for losing weight & toning if you have 10 days, 4-6 weeks or 4-6 months). The Insider's Guide included some different things this time. Stuff like mixed drinks that start with vodka & lemons, How to Bodysurf, but also Bella's (Twilight) Beauty Secrets.

Overall, it was ok. I read through it pretty fast. Not a must-buy, IMO

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