Sunday, June 27, 2010

Magazine Review: Elle July 2010 - Rihanna

This issue is all inspired by musicans. Unfortunately for me, thats not something that appeals to me at all. I can appreciate fashion & beauty trends started by influential people in the music industry but as a theme, it leaves me feeling very... eh.
The only notes I ended up making were about Beauty & the Articles.
For Beauty, they had a short writeup on the popularity of blue eyeshadow (not 80s baby blue but bright teals, turquoises, etc), the Beauty Insider column was on Beyonce (guess she does her own makeup quite frequently), how long bangs (ala Zooey Dechanel) are the rock n roll hairstyle of choice & several hit musicians' beauty picks.
In Articles, Afternoon Delight (about sex hotels) & Turn On, Tune In & Drop Out (tv addiction) both stood out.
Again all of the Fashion articles/photo spreads were music inspired & themed.
Overall, it was a good issue but if you are very inspired by music, it might be a must-get.

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