Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magazine Review: Cosmo July 2010 - Shakira

I had really been hoping for more summer beauty articles, etc, but every magazine has been letting me down. Maybe Allure will save the day....
Not too much to mention about any section. For Articles, there is How to Break a Toxic Love Pattern, Why More Girls are Kissing Girls & Fascinating Info ABout You (random tidbits of info. Interesting but for me, not really accurate).
Beauty, an article about how to deal with summer hair problems (frizz, limpness), What Guys Really Love About Your Looks (hair up vs down, lip color) & The Sexiest Way to Glow (self-tanners).
Very little for Fashion, just how to wear sundresses for work & play.
I'd skip this issue unless you really need the sex tips. lol

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