Friday, June 25, 2010

Food: Dark Chocolate

I have a serious sugar addiction but I've been trying to curb it to just a few squares of dark chocolate a day. Now I've tried a few different kinds of dark chocolate & figured that I would write my thoughts about them.I started with Hershey's Special Dark. Even after trying other kinds, I still like this one & it's nice how readily available it is.
Next I tried Lindt 85% Extra Dark. This has a much more bitter flavor & a chalky feel is left on your tongue.

Next was Trader Joe's Swiss Dark Chocolate 70% (lime green box by checkout). I did like this one, very smooth & not too bitter.Then I tried Ghiradelli Espresso Escape. I was hoping this would have little coffee pieces in it but instead it just had a very intense bitter flavor, not really recognizable as espresso at all. I tried 2 pieces & actually threw the rest out.
Dove Dark was next. I think this is going to be my go-to, especially since I can buy a bag of the Promises & have them easily portion-controlled. Smooth, not bitter or overly sweet. Plus options like Almonds & Tiramusu.I also tried Cadbury Dark but this one was overly sweet.

I declare DOVE DARK CHOCOLATE the winner!!!!

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