Sunday, July 18, 2010

Magazine Review: Cosmo August 2010 - Britney Spears

I want to start by saying that Britney looks awful on this cover. Why on earth didn't they photoshop her more or do her makeup differently? Poor thing.
Anyway, I did enjoy this issue. Light (of course), fun articles, quizzes, etc. Also found out that there are 2 Jackie O & 1 Marilyn Monroe movie coming out. For the Jackie O movies, one will ve on the History Channel & Jackie will be played by Katie Holmes & one on the big screen w/Jackie played by Rachel Weisz. The Marilyn Monroe movie is titled Blonde, w/Marilyn played by Naomi Watts.
On to the rest of the issue...
For Articles, Would You Have a Baster Baby?, Sex Survey (notes are made when married guy's answers differed from the answers of singles guys. Kinda interesting. For example, after sex 71% of single guys want to cuddle & 21% want to watch tv. But for married guys, 32% would prefer to watch tv. lol). In other sex related topics, Period Sex & John Mayer's G-Spot Geometry (lol, I know. WTH?) & Sex Tape Tips (how to adjust lighting, postions, etc to obscure your identity). In a more relationship-y vein, The 5 Smartest Tips We've Heard This Year; things like talking to your SO about what you might want to change in your relationship, cheatproof by confiding mostly in each other, try dirty flirting (aimed at people in long-term relationships).
For Beauty articles, Beauty Cheat Sheet: Keep a Zit Covered for Hours (actually looks like newer, decent advice) & a photo spread on different nail trends (lace-covered, etc).
The main standout for Fashion was a Wear Now, Wear Later photo shoot (w/anouraks, sequin leggins, leather mini) & a photo shoot w/Jersey Shore's The Situation & Pauly D in the background acting like their womanizer selves. lol

Overall, I liked this issue. Good for a poolside read

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