Thursday, July 8, 2010

Magazine Review: Lucky August 2010 - Ali Larter

Wasn't able to find a pic of the cover online. Sorry

The staff at Lucky managed to strike the perfect balance of fall-feel but able-to-wear-now in all of the fashion pieces they chose to feature. Too often, magazines are filled with fur coats & dark makeup in the middle of summer. And while its nice to plan ahead (it is what the stores & designers are doing) it can be difficult to get excited over heavy coats, boots, etc while sitting next to the pool in your bikini. But this issue has the best pieces for the next few months that don't make you sweat just thinking about them.
These next few comments seem to conflict what I just wrote above. lol. They have a page on short-sleeve blazers, something that seems very easy to get horribly wrong. Also, Getting It Right: Pantsuits & Sandals. Um, yeah. The people at Lucky didn't get it right either. The Accessory Report is on chain mail (jewelry, accents, etc). In general I don't like it since it can look very cheap but they did have a few cute pieces on the models. The Now & Later editorial had some very cute looks.
The Lucky Denim Guide is pretty much only for those of you that can wear skinnies, since it seemed like (other than the Flared category) all of the others were skinny styles (but in Patched, Cargo, Trouser, etc categories).
The only Beauty standout was I Want Her Haircolor. Shades like sun-dappled brown, dark & glossy, cali blonde, etc & for each they had shade tips, how to maintain & product recs.

As a whole, it's ok. I lean more towards liking it because of what I wrote at the beginning of this review.

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