Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Magazine Review: Glamour August 2010 - Vanessa Hudgens

This issue was ok. A few good articles.
In the Beauty section they have articled titled Model Trends You Can Do (not too inspiring for me - tips included extreme eyeshadow, big curls, etc), Damaged Hair Fixes, 4 Beauty Tricks from Carmindy & The Haircut That Will Change Your Life (textured bob, modern shag, etc. How to get the cut, how to style, celeb examples).
This is the Denim issue (think Lucky also has a denim issue this month). I will need to buy new jeans after I lose a bit more weight but wasn't all that inspired by what I saw in this issue since I pretty much know what works for me & what doesn't. But anyway, on the denim topic they have ways to wear (preppy, rocker, etc), rules from Armani, 10 stylish women wearing their fave jeans, best jeans for your body type (tall = no capris, hourglass = bootcut, short legs = skinny, pear = flare).
There were two standout articles in this issue. One was We Dated Our Way Across America, advice included "men do want to be in relationships" & "Mr Wrong may be friends with Mr Right". The second article was The Cave Woman's Guide to Good Health, a common sense kind of guide to diet & exercise, things like move, eat real food, connect with others in person, get ZZZs & get healthy downtime.
Overall, a decent issue.

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