Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Magazine Review: Self August 2010 - Bridget Moynahan

This seems to be the Look Younger issue. Several articles on that topic, such as Look Younger in 28 Days (tips like wear sunscreen, get lots of sleep, etc), 12 Secrets to Staying Young (checklist of BMI, fiber intake, blood pressure, etc), superfoods to eat (such as curry, coffee, pumpkin seed, watermelon, etc. Includes a one week diet plan following a 1600 calorie diet).
My fave parts of the magazine were part of the Beauty section. The 1st is Hair Bliss 101: Style Like a Pro which gives instructions for how to do an updo for curls, curls that last, add volume & do a bouncy blowout. Also shows the individual models after they styled their hair themselves with the pro's tips. The 2nd beauty article was Your Kind of Beautiful, which shows trends for different looks (Natural/Girl, Sexy Date, Casual Chic). The trends for Casual Chic were petal pink lips, neutral nails, gilded eyes & messy updos, which product recs for each. Not really new info but it was still appealing.
Since this is Self magazine, there were a few workouts, including Sweat with Your Pet & an pool workout.
They also had a page with info on acai, since apparently there has been some controversy recently (I don't really follow all those "hot, new superfoods" since they change so frequently), an article titled Are You Having Enough Sex? & some really cute bags & shoes.

I liked this mainly for the beauty articles since the Look Younger part seemed to be all old news & I don't have a pet or a pool.

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