Friday, July 2, 2010

Obsession Phase: Healthy Food - Calorie Counting

Finally had the baby (4 days late! A healthy, beautiful baby girl) so now I can kick my diet/weight-loss plan into gear. I am approx 137 & would like to get down to 125. I'll be eating pretty much the same as before, just smaller portions. To keep me on track, I signed up for so I could use their calorie counter. I only input today's food so far but already I'm seeing how off my guesstimates have been. Apparently I didn't think fruits or veggies had any calories. lol.
Hopefully I'll be able to stick with this for long enough to see results. I tend to be lazy & at least controlling what I eat doesn't require sweating. I still have a few weeks before I can start an exercise program. Exercise is something I have trouble making myself do so I will try to post whatever workout plans I'm doing to help keep me accountable.

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