Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Magazine Review: Allure August 2010 - Eva Mendes

I had forgotten about their big giveaway in August until I got this issue. Don't think I'm going to bother to sign up for anything this year since last year I set my alarm for over half of the items & didn't get a single one.
On the subject of Beauty, they have an article about the return of blush (& in it acknowledge that bright blush can look amazing on pale girls as long as applied with a light hand - something most mags tell you to avoid), a Sugar & Spice article about makeup looks inspired by princesses & villans, & Skin Deep, skincare for your skincolor/ethnicity.
This issue also has a Hair Special. Topics include: The Hottest Cuts (shoulder-length, bob, cropped, long & layered with celeb examples & exactly what to ask your stylist for to get their looks), Tools of the Trade for each cut, 13 Hairstyling Shortcuts, and a few words on Brigette Bardot and how she had the "most enduring hairstyle ever" & pics of all the different ways it has been interpreted. Also Wild Things, which features wild, roughed-up, matte hair & how to get that look.
They also had a blurb about the cult-y Chanel nailpolishes, from Vamp to Jade to this season's Paradoxal. I've never owned a Chanel nailpolish but I have knockoffs of every single on of those shades.
Overall, it's a pretty good issue. Worth picking up.

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