Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Magazine Review: Harper's Bazaar April 2010 - Demi Moore

I buy Bazaar from newstands and I miss out on the cool covers. The April subscriber issue has Demi standing on stairs next to a giraffe. Sounds odd but it was quite nice & artistic (you can see it on page 217). The whole Demi photo shoot was quite nice, great use of oversized props & interesting use of color.
There were a few good fashion articles in this issue, starting with the couture report (but isn't this normally a lot longer than 1 page? Hopefully they'll go more into depth later on) and shopping tips from top department store buyers. In the usual Fabulous at Every Age section they had two new sections; a Q&A about what trends are appropriate at what age and a 7 Day Wardrobe article which follows 4 women, 1 in each decade & shows outfits they wear for the week.
For articles, they had a short piece on Chelsea Handler, which includes a photo shoot with Abigail Breslin. I know Abigail is young but I would've liked it if she was mentioned more in the article.
I normally skip over the home section but I couldn't help but take a second (and third) look at A Fashionable Life: Natalie (and Simon) Fuller. *Stunning* decor. Not all that liviable but nice to look at and be inspired by.

Total pages: 270
Pages dog-earred: 3

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