Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Magazine Review: Allure April 2010 - Carrie Underwood

I normally love Allure but this issue didn't do much for me. Maybe because its the Anti-Aging Special (and I'm only in my mid-20s). Heidi Klum is part of the special & her (almost nude) body is *amazing*. Insane even if she hadn't had 4 kids. Life is not fair.
An article related to the anti-aging special is The Perfect Age, which is about the age in which people think you reach your physical peak of beauty. (Spoiler: it's 37)
More beauty-related, the article Shadow Play, which is about picking the right eye shadow for your eye color, has quite a few options & ideas for each eye color. I'm normally bored by the eye shadow/eye color thing (personally I think skintone matters a lot more than eye color when picking flattering shades) but the article was fairly interesting. Hair Force talks about working with your natural hair texture rather than trying to make it into something it's never going to be. Unfortunately the only hair types addressed are fine, thick & curly. I feel left out. lol

Total pages: 194
Pages dog-earred: 0

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