Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magazine Review: Women's Health April 2010 - Kara DioGuardi

Women's Health is definitely one of my favorite magazines. Not only do they cover fitness and diet but also beauty, fashion & lifestyle issues, not to mention all the little tips sprinkled among the pages, like Eat This, Not That (from the popular books) & things like How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase.
For fitness articles, they have a great article about warming up through dynamic stretching. The monthly 15 Minute Workout is 4 crunch-less moves using Core Fusion techniques. They also listed a diet plan for a healthier cleanse.
Lots of good stuff for fashion and beauty this month. Several cute day dresses, flattering ways to wear things like t-shirt dresses, granny sweaters, buttondowns, etc, and they had several ways to dress 10 lbs thinner. For beauty, they had a section on how to apply blush for your face shape, something that I haven't really seen mentioned elsewhere.
A must-read article would be How to Not Be a Starter Wife. Very eye-opening & realistic. The media often gives us fairytale ideas about how a marriage should be & most of us end up disappointed. I'm glad that such a popular magazine is addressing the issue in this way.

Total pages: 134
Pages dog-earred: 11 (but could have a lot more marked)

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