Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magazine Review: Lucky April 2010 - Jessica Szohr

First thing I want to say, I used to stay away from prints & I'm still a little shy about wearing them but I'm feeling very drawn to them this season. Maybe I'm more comfortable with myself? IDK. But on to this issue...
In the What I Want Now! pages I was mostly attracted to the pieces in the Breezy Retro section. Cute stripey skirts, dresses & a very crisp white tunic. Overall still feels a bit mature for me but I do like it. They also had a great blurb on pieces using prints designed from artist Salvatore Principe paintings. *Gorgeous*.
This month is the Lucky Spring Bag Guide. I liked the wooden frame clutches, although being a mom I rarely get to use only a clutch when I go. All the other bags I liked were over $1k. lol. Guess I have expensive taste,
They also had a great article, A Month of Outfits. I found many cute looks & several individual pieces that I'm now lemming. Also looks like I need to swing by Old Navy to check out their summer scarves (summer scarves are a weakness for me).
The only thing in the Beauty pages that stood out were the lilac nailpolishes. I still don't have any n/p in that shade although I have a frankened shade that has been holding me over. LOVING the pastel polishes this season.

Total pages: 156
Dog-earred pages: 8

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