Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magazine Review: Marie Claire April 2010 - Heidi Klum

My first thought when I got this issue was, "They aren't showing much of the Project Runway winning dress". Seriously, WTH? Plus Heidi's face looks really... odd. Not exactly sure what it is about the pic but something is off.
As for the content, I was very underwhelmed. Nothing in the fashion pages stood out to me. For beauty, they had a page of eco-beauty items, mentioning the new Sonia Kashuk brushes, the Physican's Formula Bamboo Bronzer (which I've seen mentioned in a lot of magazines this month. I'm going to look for it at the store today, even though I don't really need another bronzer. lol) and two pretty shades of China Glaze nailpolish (Four Leaf Clover which is a mint creme & Re-fresh Mint, teal creme). This month's Beauty Report is on London and I always find those articles interesting.
MC is normally good for interesting articles. Again, a bit lacking this month. I did get my interest piqued regarding "k-celebs" which are overnight celebrity sensations in South Korea that have a high rate of suicide. The article Sperm & the Single Girl was interesting too. It's about single women going to sperm banks.

Total pages: 225
Pages dog-earred? 1

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