Monday, August 2, 2010

Magazine Review: Harper's Bazaar August 2010 - Cameron Diaz

I want to start by saying that I'm loving the lady-like looks & the 70s inspiration. With my lifestyle I probably won't be able to work the cute dresses but flare jeans, camel coats, shearling bombers? Bring them on!
Fashion: In this issue they have a handbag special & a really nice article about What to Buy & How to Wear It (camel coats, leopard accents, menswear tailoring, feminine blouses, etc).
Beauty: Not much here, just 2 pages on the requisite August magazine topic, hair.
Articles: Eat, Shop, Love (by Simon Doonan. I didn't really like the encouragement for women to shop to feel better but I guess its appropriate for a fashion magazine), Two Moms & a Baby (the inspiration behind the movie The Kids Are All Right), Mistaken for the Nanny (about having mixed race kids).
The A Fashionable Life section is something I normally skip but this month its on the Hilfigers & all I can say is, damn. Every picture of the wife was so OTT & posed. Ridiculous.

Not tons of great content but I did feel inspired for fall.

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