Friday, August 13, 2010

Magazine Review: Marie Claire September 2010 - Mary-Kate Olsen

This really is the Project Runway magazine isn't it? This issue they have an article about the PR casting call, Nina has a page titled Nina's Guide to Getting Dressed (I do love her books so my only complaint here is that it wasn't a longer article) & Gunn's Laws (comfort is overrated, be nice, etc). I'm surprised they didn't take Michael Kors from Glamour.
This wasn't my favorite issue for fashion. The Big Girl in a Skinny World column talks about her must-haves but other than that & Nina & Tims columns, I didn't make any other fashion related notes.
This issue did have more in the way of beauty. The Beauty Passport is on facialists secrets, Beauty Snoop is about Evan Rachel Wood, they have a bunch of makeup & hair product picks in their Lady & the Vamp section, the Foreign Beauty Report was on Bali (duh, seeing that Eat, Pray, Love is coming out soon) & there is a one page write up about a the makeup, etc in a French Cabaret.
Quite a few interesting articles, including how stay at home dads are the new status symbol for working women, a really infurating article about the backlog of untested rape kits & an article about What Women Eat in different parts of the world. It includes calorie counts, etc & lists the women's height & weight. Seems misleading though since often the calorie counts are quite high but the women are still quite slim. They should've included how much physical activity the women do since that would be a huge contributing factor. But I believe this was taken from a book on the subject so it was out of MC's hands. Funny thing, the American featured in the mag ate only fast food. lol.

If you are looking for fall fashion inspiration, I would keep looking. But if you want a few interesting articles to read, it might be worth it.

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