Thursday, August 5, 2010

Magazines: The August 2010 issues worth getting

Sorry I'm so late with everything this month. Having a newborn & trying to potty-train a toddler takes up a lot of time! lol
I narrowed it down to 4 issues that would most likely be worth your money:Lucky w/Ali Larter. This seemed to have the best fashion inspiration for right now, for when you're in the mood for fall but its still *way* too hot to wear most fall clothes.

Allure w/Eva Mendes. Hair articles were in every issue I read this month but Allure had the best coverage & ideas by far.

Harper's Bazaar w/Cameron Diaz. This issue had the best fall fashion inspiration (although if you want to wait a few weeks all the Sept issues will be out)
People StyleWatch w/Beyonce. You know I always consider this a must-get (my other usual must-get, InStyle, disappointed me this month so that's why it didn't make the list).


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