Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Magazine Review: Elle August 2010 - Drew Barrymore

Lets start with the most interesting part of this issue: the article They Like It Like That?, which is about the sexual fantasy life of men. It's gross, the phrase "flesh Slinky" was even used. lol. Disturbing but worth reading.
Other articles included The Choice (about selective reduction in pregnancies of multiples) and Secrets & Lies (about whether you should share relationship details w/other people).
In Fashion, Style A to Zee is on Faux Fur and has anyone else noticed that leopard seems to be bigger this year than usual? Yes, I know its back every fall but it seems more hyped up this year.
In Beauty, there is the required-for-August hair section. This time the focus is on bangs (Nicole Ritchie inspiration), pixie (Halle Berry), long, straight (Reese Witherspoon), and waves (Kim K). And, duh, Jennifer Aniston has the most requested color (pretty sure her cut is the more requested too). There is also the Beauty Editors beauty picks.

Another thing worth noting is that in the Drew interview she mentions there possibly being a Charlie's Angels tv show. Could be interesting. Love Drew, BTW.

Overall, not bad. Try to read the article I mentioned above but there weren't many other standouts.

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